Two photos published in Apeiron Review, Issue 11

Issue 11 of Apeiron Review has been released and with it two of my hiking photos from last fall.  The first, “Ash,” was taken at Eagle Lake Sanctuary in Holden, Massachusetts.  This one was found in the early morning on November 29, 2015 when the frost had coated the autumn leaves.

The second photo, “Nest,” was taken on Halloween 2015 of all days, hiking with my brother-in-law and three year old nephew through the magical God’s Ten Acres up on Airport Hill in Worcester.

You can navigate through the magazine to find them.  Also, take a moment to check out the other art and writing.

Issue 11 can be found at:



Flash fiction “Yesterday” published at Five 2 One Magazine

My weird flash fiction piece “Yesterday” is now up at Five 2 One Magazine’s #thesideshow. Check out the cool splash image the mag created with a cat peeking out and a fly’s wings buzzing along.

A cat and a fly, you say?  What could possibly go wrong?

Read or listen to the audio for “Yesterday” at to find out.

Poem published in the Nancy Drew Anthology

In the dust filled basement of my grandparents’ house, Nancy Drew became my first heroine.  So when Silver Birch Press put out a call for poems and prose on the famous sleuth, how could I not be called to write?

So I began work on my poem “Most of Nancy Drew lives in my garage except for the one piece of her I keep near” and sent it off to the press when I was done.  Silver Birch accepted the piece to include in the Secret Bookcase section of the anthology.

The only thing left to do was eagerly await the release of the anthology.

And the wait is over.  I’m pleased to announce that the Nancy Drew anthology was released today.

If you are a fan of the sleuth and want to read poems and prose inspired by her, you can buy the anthology here:




November 1-January 1: Photography on Exhibit at Amethyst Point

I will have a photography exhibit up at Amethyst Point Massage Therapy and Wellness Spa from Nobember 1, 2016 to January 1, 2017.  I went for a tour of the space yesterday and have already started selecting some soothing photos for the winter timeframe.  The prints will be 8×12 with some in matted 12×16 frames and others in standard 8×12 frames.

The spa is in a great location – an old house on Pleasant Street in Worcester.  The spa offers various services, including Swedish massages and coning.

To learn more about Amethyst Point, visit their website at

Flash fiction accepted at Five 2 One Magazine

You have to love a magazine that includes the words “yo” and “rad” in their acceptance email.  It immediately makes you smile in a very good way.  And that’s just what Five 2 One Magazine did today when I received their email on my way out of work.

“Five 2 One Magazine thrives on works by freaks, weirdos, black sheep and free thinkers,” (About Five 2 One Magazine) which means you are in for some weirdness from me when my flash fiction story “Yesterday” hits their #thesideshow online publication on October 2.

Come October 2, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Nonfiction accepted in Pure Slush’s Freak Anthology

Excited and honored to have another piece accepted by Pure Slush, this time in their upcoming “Freak” anthology.  The story is called “Faulty Tan Lines,” but what I’m most excited about is the cover of the anthology, another fine design by editor Matt Potter.  I promise to circle back with a link to the cover design when the anthology goes live.

Catching up on publications

My apologies for not updating the blog lately.  I’ve been on photography adventures.  You can see some of my latest photos on my facebook page.

The only problem with going behind the lens for a bit is I haven’t told you about two wonderful publications in which my work recently appeared.

First, on September 2, my poem “Bra Cardinal” was published by The Voices Project at  Thank you to editor Denise Powell for the opportunity.

My second publication this month was in the online “Cake” anthology at Pure Slush.  You can check out my short story “Last Rites” and other sweet tooth pieces here:

I have another publication just around the corner on Saturday.  I’ll try to send that one out real time, if my camera allows.



Four photos published in Summer 2016 New England Memories

Just after landing from a trip to North Carolina, I received an email from Linda Thomas at New England Memories that she was accepting my Martha’s Vineyard photos for the Summer issue of New England Memories.  As I had only sent two, we worked together to pick two more for a four photo feature, which can be seen here:

The photos are in the first anniversary edition of New England Memories, which also contains the fine artwork of Barbara Newton and the talented writing of Tina Rapp, Ann Robinson, Jodi C. Williams, and Eric Poor.  Please take a moment to both check out the current issue and access past issues at  For all my local writing friends, you’ll notice a familiar name in the Spring issue – Rodger Martin.

A special thank you to Angela Quitadmo, Jack Moran, and the newly married Beth Quitadamo Sanders for the continued use of the Angel Cottage.  Without the love and  generosity of family, these snapshot memories would never have been.


Nonfiction piece accepted for Pure Slush “Cake” Anthology

I had you at cake, right?  Who wouldn’t want to be in a cake anthology.  Even gluten free coconut flour cake is delicious.

I should know, because I had a gourmet cupcake making phase.  But that crazed kitchen phase is for another story (one I might even give a go writing today).

My donut-based nonfiction piece “Last Rites” will appear in the latest themed anthology from Pure Slush in Australia – Cake.  Thanks to Matt Potter for accepting the piece and for his always story-improving edits.

More to follow when the Cake anthology hits bookshelves.