Nonfiction Story “Wings” Accepted by Pure Slush for Tall…ish Anthology

I’m beyond excited about this acceptance.  Matt Potter at Pure Slush in Australia was the first person to publish my nonfiction when I started writing the genre a little over a year ago.  He also edited that piece and those edits have helped me with the nonfiction development process ever since.

“Wings” is a piece that goes into my ultimate accident prone moment at the age of 30.  I compare the moment to a character in Greek Mythology.  I won’t tell you which character as you’ll need to buy Pure Slush’s anthology tall…ish when it hits bookshelves (I’ll keep you posted).

Even better news for writers – Pure Slush is still looking for submissions for tall…ish.  You have until May 5, 2016 to send a piece in, whether fiction, nonfiction, or poetry.

Check out the submission guidelines here:

Matt also let me include the cover photo in this blog post.  Look at those giraffes and look at that blue.  This anthology is going to be beautiful.


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