Four photos published in Summer 2016 New England Memories

Just after landing from a trip to North Carolina, I received an email from Linda Thomas at New England Memories that she was accepting my Martha’s Vineyard photos for the Summer issue of New England Memories.  As I had only sent two, we worked together to pick two more for a four photo feature, which can be seen here:

The photos are in the first anniversary edition of New England Memories, which also contains the fine artwork of Barbara Newton and the talented writing of Tina Rapp, Ann Robinson, Jodi C. Williams, and Eric Poor.  Please take a moment to both check out the current issue and access past issues at  For all my local writing friends, you’ll notice a familiar name in the Spring issue – Rodger Martin.

A special thank you to Angela Quitadmo, Jack Moran, and the newly married Beth Quitadamo Sanders for the continued use of the Angel Cottage.  Without the love and  generosity of family, these snapshot memories would never have been.



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