Nonfiction accepted in Pure Slush’s Freak Anthology

Excited and honored to have another piece accepted by Pure Slush, this time in their upcoming “Freak” anthology.  The story is called “Faulty Tan Lines,” but what I’m most excited about is the cover of the anthology, another fine design by editor Matt Potter.  I promise to circle back with a link to the cover design when the anthology goes live.


Catching up on publications

My apologies for not updating the blog lately.  I’ve been on photography adventures.  You can see some of my latest photos on my facebook page.

The only problem with going behind the lens for a bit is I haven’t told you about two wonderful publications in which my work recently appeared.

First, on September 2, my poem “Bra Cardinal” was published by The Voices Project at  Thank you to editor Denise Powell for the opportunity.

My second publication this month was in the online “Cake” anthology at Pure Slush.  You can check out my short story “Last Rites” and other sweet tooth pieces here:

I have another publication just around the corner on Saturday.  I’ll try to send that one out real time, if my camera allows.



Nonfiction piece accepted for Pure Slush “Cake” Anthology

I had you at cake, right?  Who wouldn’t want to be in a cake anthology.  Even gluten free coconut flour cake is delicious.

I should know, because I had a gourmet cupcake making phase.  But that crazed kitchen phase is for another story (one I might even give a go writing today).

My donut-based nonfiction piece “Last Rites” will appear in the latest themed anthology from Pure Slush in Australia – Cake.  Thanks to Matt Potter for accepting the piece and for his always story-improving edits.

More to follow when the Cake anthology hits bookshelves.

Story published in Silver Birch Press “When I Moved” Series

Silver Birch Press continues to thrill me with their themes.  This time, they asked writers to delve into their past memories of moving.  I only have one moving memory as I waited to move out of my parents’ house until I had saved up to buy a house of my own.  My parents are saints for putting a roof over my head for so long.

You can read my story, “Moving Out of My Parents’ House,” here:

The magazine is still open to submissions for this series until the end of August so sit down and conjure up your own memories of moving to send on over to them.

Nonfiction story accepted for Silver Birch Press’s WHEN I MOVED series

I credit two magazines with my inspiration to write nonfiction- Silver Birch Press and Pure Slush.  Both have brilliant themes that spark an old memory for the writing.

Silver Birch Press’s latest is WHEN I MOVED and boy do I have a story about that.  Silver Birch Press agreed as they accepted the piece for publication later this summer.

Writers, you still have time to give this prompt a try.  The deadline is August 15, 2016.  For more details and submission guidelines, go here:


Nonfiction story published in Silver Birch Press’s Beach and Pool Memories Series

My short nonfiction story, “The Agoraphobia of a Foolish Child,” was published today in the Silver Birch Press Beach and Pool Poetry and Prose Series.  You can read the story here:

Plus, I just found their next themed series will be “When I Moved.”  I have quite the story there.  I can’t wait to write it.  Silver Birch Press keeps on inspiring with their great themes.

Nonfiction Story accepted for “Summer” volume of Pure Slush

My nonfiction piece “Memories of an Unknown Summer” has been accepted for publication in Pure Slush’s Volume 12 “Summer” themed anthology.  Thanks again to Matt Potter for publishing this piece, which is now my third publication with Pure Slush.  After reading the “tall…ish” anthology, I can’t wait to get my hands on this volume.

It was a much needed happy note in an otherwise humbling and sad week of songs we wish weren’t playing their way into American history.

Nonfiction Story “Wings” Accepted by Pure Slush for Tall…ish Anthology

I’m beyond excited about this acceptance.  Matt Potter at Pure Slush in Australia was the first person to publish my nonfiction when I started writing the genre a little over a year ago.  He also edited that piece and those edits have helped me with the nonfiction development process ever since.

“Wings” is a piece that goes into my ultimate accident prone moment at the age of 30.  I compare the moment to a character in Greek Mythology.  I won’t tell you which character as you’ll need to buy Pure Slush’s anthology tall…ish when it hits bookshelves (I’ll keep you posted).

Even better news for writers – Pure Slush is still looking for submissions for tall…ish.  You have until May 5, 2016 to send a piece in, whether fiction, nonfiction, or poetry.

Check out the submission guidelines here:

Matt also let me include the cover photo in this blog post.  Look at those giraffes and look at that blue.  This anthology is going to be beautiful.