Poem accepted for Issue 11 of Zoomoozophone Review

Happy to be making my second appearance in Zoomoozophone Review.  My poem “Walking through Rain Fog at Lake Quannapowitt” will appear in Issue 11.  I’ll send out a link to the online magazine when it’s released.





Poem published in the Nancy Drew Anthology

In the dust filled basement of my grandparents’ house, Nancy Drew became my first heroine.  So when Silver Birch Press put out a call for poems and prose on the famous sleuth, how could I not be called to write?

So I began work on my poem “Most of Nancy Drew lives in my garage except for the one piece of her I keep near” and sent it off to the press when I was done.  Silver Birch accepted the piece to include in the Secret Bookcase section of the anthology.

The only thing left to do was eagerly await the release of the anthology.

And the wait is over.  I’m pleased to announce that the Nancy Drew anthology was released today.

If you are a fan of the sleuth and want to read poems and prose inspired by her, you can buy the anthology here:  https://www.amazon.com/Nancy-Drew-Anthology-Everybodys-Anthologies/dp/0997797215/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1475390155&sr=8-1&keywords=nancy+drew+anthology




Catching up on publications

My apologies for not updating the blog lately.  I’ve been on photography adventures.  You can see some of my latest photos on my facebook page.

The only problem with going behind the lens for a bit is I haven’t told you about two wonderful publications in which my work recently appeared.

First, on September 2, my poem “Bra Cardinal” was published by The Voices Project at http://www.thevoicesproject.org/poetry-library/bra-cardinal-by-kristina-england.  Thank you to editor Denise Powell for the opportunity.

My second publication this month was in the online “Cake” anthology at Pure Slush.  You can check out my short story “Last Rites” and other sweet tooth pieces here:  http://pureslush.webs.com/thelatest.htm

I have another publication just around the corner on Saturday.  I’ll try to send that one out real time, if my camera allows.



Poem published at Damfino Press

Honored to have my poem “I can’t help thinking” published at Damfino Press today.  This poem gives me a mix of feelings and so I’ll leave this post short.

Poem: I can’t help thinking

Two poems published at “The Skinny” Poetry Journal

A journal named after its unique poetry form, “The Skinny” Poetry Journal is a great journal to check out, whether as a writer or a reader.

I’m happy to make my second appearance in the journal with two “skinny” poems published today, “Powered Down” and “Praying frogs can resurrect.”

You can check the poems out here:



Poem accepted for Nancy Drew Anthology

I was lucky enough to spend my younger years at my grandmother’s house with a Nancy Drew collection at my fingertips.

So when Silver Birch Press made a call for poems to publish in a Nancy Drew anthology, I quickly sat down and took on the challenge.

My poem “Most of Nancy Drew lives in my garage except for the one piece of her I keep near,” will appear in the anthology in October 2016.  Technically, I found this news out a week ago, but I took a week off from blogging so it’s off for the presses for all of you.



Poem published by Algebra of Owls

My poem “Think about all the things you don’t need to have an opinion about” has been published by the new lit mag Algebra of Owls.  Thanks to Tony Brown for originally inspiring this poem with a Facebook status update that, as mentioned in an earlier blog post, is the title of the poem.

You can read the poem here: https://algebraofowls.com/2016/07/17/think-about-all-the-things-you-dont-need-to-have-an-opinion-about-by-kristina-england/

Two poems published in Issue III of Fragments of Chiaroscuro

Two of my poems were published in Issue III of Fragments of Chiaroscuro this week.  The not-for-profit art and literary magazine “functions under the idea that the world is not just black-and-white, but filled with grey” (About, Fragments of Chiaroscuro).

You can find my poems “Discovering the Past” and “If” here: https://issuu.com/fragmentsofchiaroscuro/docs/fragments03_v07 

Prose poem published in Issue 10 of Zoomoozophone Review

Pleased to have my prose poem, “Dissolution,” published alongside some fine prose poetry in Issue 10 of Zoomoozophone Review.  You can read it on page 47 of the issue at https://issuu.com/zoomoozophone_review/docs/zr10.

A job well done on the continued compilation of Zoomoozophone by editor Matt Margo!

For you writers out there, follow the Zoomoozophone facebook page for the latest updates on submissions at https://www.facebook.com/zoomoozophonereview/?fref=ts.

Prose poem accepted at Zoomoozophone Review

Excited to have received my third acceptance of the day and for a magazine that I’ve been watching for two years now.  My prose poem “Dissolution” will appear in Issue 10 of Zoomoozophone Review, due out later this month.  I’ll circle back with the link once it’s published.

Yes, the third acceptance in one day.  I’m sure that means I’ll receive five rejections tomorrow, just for good measure.