Flash fiction accepted at Five 2 One Magazine

You have to love a magazine that includes the words “yo” and “rad” in their acceptance email.  It immediately makes you smile in a very good way.  And that’s just what Five 2 One Magazine did today when I received their email on my way out of work.

“Five 2 One Magazine thrives on works by freaks, weirdos, black sheep and free thinkers,” (About Five 2 One Magazine) which means you are in for some weirdness from me when my flash fiction story “Yesterday” hits their #thesideshow online publication on October 2.

Come October 2, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Poem “Black and White” Published by One Sentence Poems

Number 2 of 3 poems published this week by magazines.  I swear, I didn’t plan it this way.  They all just arrived at once in my inbox.

I love One Sentence Poems as they challenge me to think out what I could say in one sentence but not in one line.  I wanted to write an amusing piece about my nephew, who is three, and I’ve been lucky to spend enough time around lately to hear his “Why?” questions.  I have yet to tell him a non-truth.  I couldn’t do it, so I wrote this poem instead.

So here’s “Black and White,” now up at One Sentence Poems.


Poem in Muddy River Poetry Review, Issue 14

I didn’t put the title of the poem in the blog title as I went John Hodgen with the title (aka, it’s long).  I love his titles and mine doesn’t even align with his style but hey, if I can mention him in a post, then you might Google his work (Right now.  Do it.).

My poem “Because the word emotional has too much density,” had been published by Muddy River Poetry Review.  I’m honored to be in an issue with some wonderful well know poets and some new comers.

You can check out the issue and my poem at:


New Facebook Page

Hi Everyone,

I made a promise that I’d start a facebook page if I broke into a fourth genre of publication.  I had fiction, nonfiction, and poetry already under the belt, but unexpectedly joined the photography publishing parade, so I needed to follow through on my promise.

You can follow me at:


I’ll most likely add photos on a regular basis and links to my recent publications.