Story published in Silver Birch Press “When I Moved” Series

Silver Birch Press continues to thrill me with their themes.  This time, they asked writers to delve into their past memories of moving.  I only have one moving memory as I waited to move out of my parents’ house until I had saved up to buy a house of my own.  My parents are saints for putting a roof over my head for so long.

You can read my story, “Moving Out of My Parents’ House,” here:

The magazine is still open to submissions for this series until the end of August so sit down and conjure up your own memories of moving to send on over to them.


Poem published at Damfino Press

Honored to have my poem “I can’t help thinking” published at Damfino Press today.  This poem gives me a mix of feelings and so I’ll leave this post short.

Poem: I can’t help thinking

Two poems published at “The Skinny” Poetry Journal

A journal named after its unique poetry form, “The Skinny” Poetry Journal is a great journal to check out, whether as a writer or a reader.

I’m happy to make my second appearance in the journal with two “skinny” poems published today, “Powered Down” and “Praying frogs can resurrect.”

You can check the poems out here:


Poem accepted for Nancy Drew Anthology

I was lucky enough to spend my younger years at my grandmother’s house with a Nancy Drew collection at my fingertips.

So when Silver Birch Press made a call for poems to publish in a Nancy Drew anthology, I quickly sat down and took on the challenge.

My poem “Most of Nancy Drew lives in my garage except for the one piece of her I keep near,” will appear in the anthology in October 2016.  Technically, I found this news out a week ago, but I took a week off from blogging so it’s off for the presses for all of you.



Short story published at Apocrypha and Abstractions

My story, “The Swamp” has been published in the latest volume of Apocrypha and Abstractions: Flash Fiction Musings for the Literary Minded today.

This is one of those stories that was rejected time and time again by various magazine.  I sat down one day, read through it and determined something was off about the ending so I sat there, had an “Ah-ha” moment, revised the last few sentences, and sent the piece off to the editors at Apocrypha and Abstractions. Not surprisingly, that change was all it needed to get accepted for publication.

You can read the story at

Poem published by Algebra of Owls

My poem “Think about all the things you don’t need to have an opinion about” has been published by the new lit mag Algebra of Owls.  Thanks to Tony Brown for originally inspiring this poem with a Facebook status update that, as mentioned in an earlier blog post, is the title of the poem.

You can read the poem here:

Nonfiction story accepted for Silver Birch Press’s WHEN I MOVED series

I credit two magazines with my inspiration to write nonfiction- Silver Birch Press and Pure Slush.  Both have brilliant themes that spark an old memory for the writing.

Silver Birch Press’s latest is WHEN I MOVED and boy do I have a story about that.  Silver Birch Press agreed as they accepted the piece for publication later this summer.

Writers, you still have time to give this prompt a try.  The deadline is August 15, 2016.  For more details and submission guidelines, go here:


Two poems published in Issue III of Fragments of Chiaroscuro

Two of my poems were published in Issue III of Fragments of Chiaroscuro this week.  The not-for-profit art and literary magazine “functions under the idea that the world is not just black-and-white, but filled with grey” (About, Fragments of Chiaroscuro).

You can find my poems “Discovering the Past” and “If” here: 

Nonfiction story published in Silver Birch Press’s Beach and Pool Memories Series

My short nonfiction story, “The Agoraphobia of a Foolish Child,” was published today in the Silver Birch Press Beach and Pool Poetry and Prose Series.  You can read the story here:

Plus, I just found their next themed series will be “When I Moved.”  I have quite the story there.  I can’t wait to write it.  Silver Birch Press keeps on inspiring with their great themes.

Prose poem published in Issue 10 of Zoomoozophone Review

Pleased to have my prose poem, “Dissolution,” published alongside some fine prose poetry in Issue 10 of Zoomoozophone Review.  You can read it on page 47 of the issue at

A job well done on the continued compilation of Zoomoozophone by editor Matt Margo!

For you writers out there, follow the Zoomoozophone facebook page for the latest updates on submissions at