Flash fiction “Yesterday” published at Five 2 One Magazine

My weird flash fiction piece “Yesterday” is now up at Five 2 One Magazine’s #thesideshow. Check out the cool splash image the mag created with a cat peeking out and a fly’s wings buzzing along.

A cat and a fly, you say?  What could possibly go wrong?

Read or listen to the audio for “Yesterday” at http://five2onemagazine.com/yesterday-kristina-england-flashfiction-thesideshow to find out.


Flash fiction accepted at Five 2 One Magazine

You have to love a magazine that includes the words “yo” and “rad” in their acceptance email.  It immediately makes you smile in a very good way.  And that’s just what Five 2 One Magazine did today when I received their email on my way out of work.

“Five 2 One Magazine thrives on works by freaks, weirdos, black sheep and free thinkers,” (About Five 2 One Magazine) which means you are in for some weirdness from me when my flash fiction story “Yesterday” hits their #thesideshow online publication on October 2.

Come October 2, don’t say I didn’t warn you.